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Being too busy lately ? Think again!

Camping Sg Tekala
Sometimes life just gets too busy. Work, paperwork, meetings, eat, bills, run errands, stuck in traffic jams without the regular exercises and enough sleeps . It just seems to go on and on. Even for those who try to keep their life simple, it doesn't always work. When we are home we seem to keep ourselves too busy, and fall behind on all the things we want to do. Making an hour to just sit with a book or read for the children never seems to happen.

Quite honestly,I think a lot of our time disappears into the Internets. Keeping up with emails, following Facebooks, checking the news, the gossips (and politics), brainstorming ideas for the business that we should get into, following links that follow links... You get the idea. In fairness though, we enjoy it, and we do also find time for other things like cleaning the house, reading newspapers, and watching a little guilty Astro. And also, all that time spent online does keep we up to date with the world, as we seem to just devour all types of media, from blogs to news to real paper publications.

So when your time just seems to disappear and you can't seem to find time for the simple things, what better than a weekend camping in the mountains?

Sure, more than one night would be great, but when you're on a tight schedule, taking 24 hours away from the distractions of home can be a miracle cure. Just last weekend, together with my two kids and wife, I drove out to the Sungai Tekala Recreational Forest, near Semenyih on Saturday afternoon, and returned Sunday afternoon.

Getting away like that worked great. The relaxation factor is much higher than if the same time had been spent at home. There are no temptations from the computer, none from the TV, and best of all there are no bills to look over and no cleaning to be done. Only the most simple tasks need to be tended to; setting up camp and preparing food. And when you drive back into town already you notice how the pace of life is moving too fast.
After a simple night like that spent relaxing -- having barbeques by the fire, sleeping under the stars, and reading a book -- you can return home recharged and feel like you escaped life for just a bit.

Edited by Khalid Ibrahim from an article published in

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White water rafting Kuala Kubu Bharu
Camping Jelebu
Candat Sotong Terengganu
Khalid Ibrahim and Masni have a passion for adventure travel and teaching people about the natural world. Khalid is a naturalist with a passion in nature adventure. He also has interests Geography. They have involved in Adventure Travel for nearly 2 years. They have involved themselves in white water kayaking, rafting, mountain climbing, trekking by 4x4, waterfalls climbing, camping, caving and mountain biking. Most of their adventure travels are locations around Malaysia and South East Asia They love to bring their two sons Nazrin Hakeem and Imran Iskandar along for their adventure as they believe that appreciating nature and living adventure should start early. Khalid and Masni also focus on Environmental Education and stewardship. Give Khalid and Masni an email at if you are interested to excite your life full of adventure while enjoying the nature to the fullest. You and your family deserve the trip of a lifetime! Or you can visit their website at

Family Focused Itineraries

All of our destinations are chosen not only for their pristine wilderness value, but because they are all are the “perfect” family destinations. We then take that perfect palette for a family vacation destination and make it even better by providing activities that are fun for the whole family.

Family Fun and Adventure

Family members are always welcome to join in. Environmental Education is one of the focal points for all our activities. Activities are also varied as to the skills of the individual and destination, however some of the following are guidelines for them to use as tools.

• Learn about new nature spots
• Catch fresh water fish
• Learn geology
• Paddle in kayaks or inflatable tubes
• Enjoy silent time to listen to nature
• Watch monkeys grooming in the trees
• Collect rocks, shells, and other treasures
• Sleep under the shooting stars
• Climb a waterfall
• Swoosh down a waterslide into a river
• Listen to fun history stories of your destinations
• Build castles in the sand
• Do some arts and crafts
• Go to sleep with the sounds of the river or ocean
• Play with your new friends!

Best Family Experiences of a Lifetime!

We guarantee it! We have personal experience of this, in fact, family reunions are a perfect excuse to come with JOOMAdventures. Your family for years will sit around and talk about the wonderful times you have had, and JOOMAdventures will rank on the top of the list. Nothing is better for families than experiencing new things together, in nature, getting away from it all, and also having a positive impact on the place you are visiting.
Find out more about our JOOMAdventures at

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Cross-Country Mountain Biking at Putrajaya Challenge Park

Cross-Country Mountain Biking

Cross-Country Mountain Biking or XC Mountain Biking is probably the most well-known discipline of Mountain Biking. It is also fairly simple to get into and the least extreme compared to other styles. The variety, adventure, and the feeling of freedom and being with nature are all facets of Cross-Country Mountain Biking. These are probably some of the reasons why people are so attracted to it. Being in the countryside automatically means that you need to bike on a lot of different terrains and you need several important skills. For instance, you might need to climb and descend on various types of terrain, ranging from open fire roads to tight, twisty single track in the bush.

Specially designed Cross-Country Mountain Bikes tend to have only a small amount of suspension, and they are lightweight. The front suspension is anywhere from 60-120mm of travel. Travel is the amount of movement that the shock can absorb. In other words, the more travel you have, the smoother the bumps are. This is achieved through the use of lightweight materials and suspension is provided by air shocks. Cross-Country Mountain Bikes are focused on minimizing the pedaling effort as much as possible.

Be physically fit. Use the appropriate Mountain Bike and Gear, and learn the necessary skills and techniques in order to have a thrilling Cross-Country Mountain Biking experience

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Outdoor adventure essentials checklis

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Outdoor adventure essentials checklist

Start with these:

Pocketknife or a small parang
First-aid kit
Extra clothing
Rain gear
Water bottle
Flashlight ( or Campingaz light)
Trail food
Matches and fire starter
Sun protection
Mosquito repellent cream
Map and compass ( you can print one rom Google Earth)

Keeping Clean

Hand cleaner
Deodorant for your armpits ( as you will sweat a lot)

Cooking and eating

Plastic bowl
Backpacking stove with fuel
Large pot and lid
Small pot and lid
Lightweight frying pan


Pen or pencil
Small radio
Nylon cord
Insect repellent
Hiking stick or trekking poles
Fishing gear
Animal or plant identification books,star charts or other guides

Edited by Khalid Ibrahim
From an article in the March 2009 Boys' Life magazine

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What’s the buzz about outdoor adventures?

4x4 river challenge
cross country mountain biking
1. One of the biggest attractions for many people in outdoor adventure is the opportunity to push and test both physical and mental fitness to the extremes.

2. Outdoor adventure usually involve a large amount of planning and tactics. The need to think on the move and make decisions when physically exhausted is something that appeals to adventurers.

3. Of course one thing that gives everyone a buzz is adrenalin! If you’re an adrenalin junkie then outdoor adventure is for you, zipping down an abseil rope, trekking on mountain bikes or down whitewater rapids… what a rush!

4. Once you try outdoor adventure, the biggest kick of all will be discovering a whole side to yourself you never even knew existed and you will amaze yourself at how much you can achieve!

5. Another great attraction about outdoor adventure is that so called 'weak people' can equal, or even beat, physically stronger persons through the use of their navigation skills, planning and decision making.

Happy Adventure!

Edited by Khalid Ibrahim from an article in

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